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- Cookie Policy

In compliance with Royal Decree Law 13/2012, of March 30 and Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, TUTTO PICCOLO provides users with information regarding the cookies it uses and the reason for their use, as well as requesting your consent to be able to use them.

Our website (the “Website”) uses a technology called “cookies” in order to collect information about the use of the Website.

We inform you that we can use cookies in order to facilitate your navigation through the Website, distinguish you from other users, provide you with a better experience when using it, and identify problems to improve our Website. Also, if you give your consent, we will use cookies that allow us to obtain more information about your preferences and customize our Website according to your individual interests.

The purpose of this cookie policy is to inform you clearly and precisely about the cookies used on our Website (the "Cookie Policy"). If you want to collect more information about the cookies we use on the Website, you can send an email to the following address:

- Cookies

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your equipment (computer or mobile device) in order to store data that can be updated and retrieved by the entity responsible for its installation.

The information collected through cookies may include the date and time of visits to the Website, the pages viewed, the time spent on our Website and the sites visited just before and after it.

- Type of cookies used on the Website

According to the entity that manages it:

Own cookies: are those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain managed by the editor itself and from which the service requested by the user is provided.

Third-party cookies: are those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain that is not managed by the editor, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through cookies.

According to the period of time that they remain activated in the terminal equipment:

Session cookies: they are a type of cookies designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page.

Persistent cookies: they are a type of cookie in which the data is still stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed during a period defined by the person responsible for the cookie, which can range from a few minutes to several years.

According to the purpose for which the data obtained through cookies are processed:

Technical cookies: are those that allow the user to navigate through a web page, platform or application and the use of the different options or services that exist in it, such as controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, access parts of restricted access, remember the elements that make up an order, carry out the purchase process of an order, apply for registration or participation in an event, use security elements while browsing, store content for dissemination videos or sound or share content through social networks.

Personalization cookies: are those that allow the user to access the service with some predefined general characteristics based on a series of criteria in the user's terminal, such as the language, the type of browser through which the service is accessed , the regional configuration from where you access the service, etc.

Analysis cookies: are those that allow the person responsible for them to monitor and analyze the behavior of the users of the websites to which they are linked. The information collected through this type of cookies is used to measure the activity of websites, applications or platforms and to create browsing profiles for users of said sites, applications and platforms, in order to introduce improvements in function of the analysis of the usage data made by the users of the service.

Advertising cookies: are those that allow the management, in the most efficient way possible, of the advertising spaces that, where appropriate, the editor has included in a web page, application or platform from which the requested service is provided based on criteria such as the content edited or the frequency in which the ads are shown.

Behavioral advertising cookies: are those that allow the management, in the most efficient way possible, of the advertising spaces that, where appropriate, the editor has included in a web page, application or platform from which the requested service is provided. These cookies store information on the behavior of users obtained through the continuous observation of their browsing habits, which allows the development of a specific profile to display advertising based on it.

Cookies are a tool used by web servers to store and retrieve information about their visitors. They are small files deposited in the user's computer to keep track of their preferences and remember them when they return. The application we use to obtain and analyze browsing information is Google Analytics: and

This tool does not obtain personal data from users, nor the postal address from which they connect. The cookies used by TUTTO PICCOLO allow only statistical information to be stored, such as the number of pages visited, the language of the user, the social network where our news is published, the number of users who visit us, the time of visit, the browser they use, the operator or type of DEVICE from which the visit is made, among others.

TUTTO PICCOLO uses cookies to remember your preferences, improve the website, detect new needs and assess the improvements to introduce in order to provide a better service to users who visit us.

- Consent
By browsing and continuing on our Website you will be consenting to the use of the aforementioned cookies, for the periods indicated and under the conditions contained in this Cookies Policy.

- Disable and block cookies
The user can freely decide about the implementation or not, on his hard drive, of the cookies used. In this sense, we remind you that you can prevent the registration of cookies by configuring your browser to accept or reject, by default, all cookies. However, to benefit from all of the site's features, we recommend that you set your browser to accept cookies, which have been designed for the exclusive use of TUTTO PICCOLO.

To prevent the registration of cookies, configure your computer by following these steps (Windows operating system):

For Mozilla Firefox:

Select "Tools" from the menu and then "Options".
Click the "Privacy" icon.
Select the desired options in the "cookies" menu.
For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0:

Select the "Tools" menu and then "Internet Options."
Click on the "Privacy" tab.
Select the desired level with the cursor.
For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5:

Select the "Tools" menu and then "Internet Options."
Click the "Security" tab.
Select "Internet" and then "Custom Level."
Select the desired option in the "cookies" section.
For Google Chrome:
Click on the Google Chrome menu icon.
Select Settings.
Click Show advanced options, which you'll find towards the bottom of the page.
In the "Privacy" section, click Content Settings.
To allow first-party and third-party cookies, select the "Allow local data to be set" option. If you only want to accept first-party cookies, select the checkbox next to "Block third-party cookies and site data."

For Opera:
Select the "File" menu and "Preferences"
2. Privacy.

For Safari:
Go to "Security" in Safari's "Preferences" window.
Look for the "Show cookies" button at the bottom of the screen and click on it. This will bring up a window listing all the cookies stored on your computer.
Select each cookie to get details, such as when it was set, which site it came from, and what it contains.

- Changes in the Cookies Policy

It is possible that we update the Cookies Policy of our Website, therefore we recommend that you review this policy each time you access our Website in order to be adequately informed about how and for what we use cookies. The Cookies Policy was last updated on May 23, 2018.