Quality, design and comfort

The history

As a family company, Tutto Piccolo was born in January 1982. Mercedes Moltó, founder of the brand together with her husband Desiderio Mataix, developed a first collection with the aim that all children are well dressed in all environments of their lives. An event, an afternoon walk, day to day or super comfortable clothes to be at home. Today the company is led by the children of the founders who work every day to achieve the quality and design standards of the demanding children's fashion sector around the world.

The product

Each launch of the collections covers a theme that tries to combine a classic style with the introduction of certain nods to the latest fashion trends. Always prioritizing quality, style and comfort with the best value for money on the market.


Tutto Piccolo is the result of a balanced combination of creative talent and passion. A dynamic work team of more than 70 people who provide experience, products and services every day. From the design of the collections, through the manufacture and delivery of the product in all sales channels. Every detail is carefully treated so that parents can enjoy buying the product and children can enjoy wearing it.


More than 30 years designing collections to dress children between 0-12 years old.

Points of sale

With its headquarters located in Alcoy (Alicante, Spain), the company has 4 own points of sale and 15 exclusive spaces in El Corte Inglés centers, all located in Spain. In addition, it has an international online store and more than 400 points of sale located around the world.


Internationalization is one of the key points of the company's strategy. Europe, Asia and the United States are the three main focuses towards which it is oriented.


Tutto Piccolo is quality children's fashion aimed at those parents who want their children to be well dressed on all occasions. An exquisite homewear with comfortable and warm fabrics for winter and light for summer. Special garments to dress your children on special occasions and with the possibility that the little brothers go together but different. A classic casual but renewed with certain notes of fashion trends, and some bathroom collections with all the details that are always the great winners of the collection.


We create classic but renewed looks. We are inspired by a classic style, but we are inspired by new trends to introduce an air of trend and modernity into our collections. Each collection we create is unique and different from the previous ones. We work on the product to dress little brothers, different but equal. Creating original looks to go together.