TOP 5: the most wanted of the season

It is indisputable that our little ones are “style icons” , here we leave you the garments that have been most successful among our Tutto Piccolo fans.
Ready? We start with the top!

1. She loves me... she doesn't love me... This dress with a daisy print takes the gold medal in our ranking. Who says "no" to a cool dress for this spring?
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2. If we had to choose a pattern, it would undoubtedly be the vichy check. This set is very cute , with embroidered details that make it really special. Perfect for spring walks in the sun.
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3. Not only is it the best-selling swimsuit of the season , but it's also... comfortable and super fun! Everyone loves it!
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4. The season of special events calls for special looks. This set in natural tones is ideal for playing and jumping without losing all the style.
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5. This very special shirt is one of the most versatile this season. It is a basic that saves the day that we do not know what to wear. To go to the beach or pool, to go to school, an excursion, adventure plans. Has it all!
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