Do you know how to wash a newborn's clothes?

Essential tips for washing newborn clothes safely

It's not about any person. This is a baby who has just come into the world and whose skin still has a lot to explore. For this reason, know how to wash newborn clothes .

Washing your newborn's clothes safely is essential to ensure their well-being and prevent skin irritations. We show you some basic tips to keep in mind:

Separate newborn clothes

Wash baby clothes separately from adult clothes during the first weeks of life, especially if we use different detergents. This helps prevent cross-contamination with other detergents that can cause irritation.

Wash before use

Wash all baby's clothes and accessories before they are worn. New clothes may contain chemical residue or dust that can be irritating to baby's sensitive skin. It is important that, in any case, you pay close attention to the manufacturer's label. This way you will know which wash cycle is best for the garment in question.

Use a mild, fragrance-free detergent for newborn clothes

Opt for a specific newborn laundry detergent or one that is hypoallergenic and free of fragrances and dyes. Avoid harsh detergents that may cause irritation to the baby's skin. Maybe you are used to using a specific one, whose aroma seems mild to you. However, the baby may find it extreme for both his senses and his skin.

Rinse well

Be sure to rinse the clothes thoroughly to remove any detergent residue, even if it is a baby-specific detergent. Certain detergent residues can cause irritation to the baby's skin and cause an allergic reaction.

Wash newborn clothes in warm water

Wash baby clothes in warm water, preferably between 30°C and 40°C. Hot water can damage the fibers of some clothes and increase the risk of irritation to the baby's skin. This is especially important if you wear cotton garments that require special, more delicate washing.

Use a wash bag for small items

If you have small items, like socks or bodysuits, place them in a laundry bag to prevent them from getting lost in the washing machine or getting tangled with other clothes. It may seem silly, but those little socks can cause more than one problem if they wake up in the washing machine.

Do not use fabric softener on newborn clothes

Avoid using fabric softener on baby's clothes, as it may contain chemicals that can be irritating. Newborn clothes are soft enough without the need for fabric softener. You'll have time for that!

Air dry or tumble dry with care

If you choose to dry your clothes in a dryer, use a low or delicate heat setting. You can also hang the clothes outside to dry naturally, which can be gentler on the baby's clothes and skin. If you do the latter, be careful in the sun. Avoid direct exposure to avoid damaging tissues.

Plan ahead

Make sure you have enough newborn clothes so you don't run out of clean ones. Babies can get dirty often, so it's important to be prepared. When a baby has just been born, it is very common for him to get dirty 2,3,4 and 5 times.

It will be a time where washing will be constant, so be careful and have enough clean clothes to change it.

Inspect clothes before dressing baby

Before dressing your baby in a garment, make sure it is completely clean and free of detergent residue . Also, make sure that it does not have any type of object attached that could damage it. Remove any labels that may irritate your skin and think twice before choosing.

Remember that babies' skin is especially delicate, so it is important to be careful when washing their clothes and choose gentle and safe products. These tips will help you keep your newborn's clothes in perfect condition to wrap them with all your love.

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