The Trench. A transition piece.

The origin of the trench coat: A history of war and cinema.

The trench coat has a story worth telling.
What started out as battlewear is now a fashion heavyweight.

The trench coat is a garment with own personality . A coat that was born as uniform for the army , exalted later by the cinema and which is now Referrer catwalk and street style, a trend that it never gets old-fashioned.

Its origin is attributed to the English designer Thomas Burberry, created the waterproof and breathable fabric that dressed the trench coat as we know it. Its design is the one that became popular until it became the myth that it now embodies.

The trench coat as a military uniform

This is where the legend around this garment gains strength. In 1914 Burberry was commissioned to create a waterproof, resistant, comfortable garment that would protect the british soldiers in the World War I, and hence its name in English, trench ( trench ).

Of course, in this part of the story there are also discrepancies. There are those who defend that the raincoats only dressed the high command and not the soldiers on the battlefield. But the British infantry wore it as emblematic garment, There's no doubt.

the trench coat designed by Burberry for the British Army era lightweight , fabric raincoat , he had additional flaps to protect from the cold and rain, a superimposed layer so that the water slipped off his back and shoulders and he wore belt with rings to carry military utensils. contributed comfort and distinction in equal parts.

As the Great War came to an end, Burberry decided to market it for the general public. This is how its popularity grew, exalted by the merit of having been the uniform of the brave British soldiers. In fact, he returned to the battlefield in the World War II.

The wake of the raincoat in the cinema

hollywood fueled the fame of the trench coat. Humphrey Bogart in " Casablanca ", Gene Kelly in " Singing in the Rain ", Peter Sellers in "The Pink Panther", Gary Grant in "Charade" ...

The cinema was also largely responsible for it ceasing to be a garment exclusively for men . Audrey Hepburn dressed her and his co-star George Peppard in " Breakfast at Tiffany's ", Brigitte Bardot in "Babete's War" , Katherine Hepburn in Skirts of Steel , the list goes on and on...

today is a timeless classic that sweeps in its most traditional version or innovating in more creative colours, cuts and fabrics.

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