Discover the latest autumn collections in our children's clothing store


Autumn has arrived with its freshness and warm colors, and in the children's clothing store At Tutto Piccolo we have carefully prepared a collection for the autumn-winter 2023-2024 season. We know how important it is to keep little ones comfortable and how much we like them to wear comfortable and cute styles, so we have carefully selected clothes that are not only practical and comfortable, but are also full of style and fun. Whether for your own children or as a gift, the garments in this collection are designed to meet the needs of newborns, babies, boys and girls, with soft fabrics and creative designs so that the little ones are comfortable and warm. 

This fall's collections are inspired by art, with references to artistic materials and techniques that go so well with the creativity and play of early ages. Watercolor, Gouache, Oil, Tempera, Brush, Plasticine... are the elements that have given rise to garments full of care and tenderness that will become essential for everyday life. 

Soft and elegant colors

In line with the season at hand, autumn, we have incorporated earth tones and warm colors that are so welcoming. We are inspired by the colors of nature in this season to create garments that, in addition to being warm due to their fabric, transmit this same sensation to the eye.

You can't miss the classic pinks and blues in pastel tones, which we have so associated with the little ones, as well as navy blue, the elegant and classic color par excellence.


Warm and quality fabrics

Clothing for a newborn, baby, boy or girl must be made from quality fabrics to protect their skin and guarantee warmth during these months of the year. For this reason, at Tutto Piccolo we always bet on quality, design and comfort.

Timeless design

Our collections are based on a classic style with nods to current trends, with the aim of creating elegant, timeless and functional garments. We create comfortable and stylish outfits for everyday life and also for special occasions.


Children's collection autumn-winter 2023-2024

The collections for the fall 2023 season are inspired by the world of art, its techniques and its materials. Starting from the consolidated style that characterizes our brand, for this season we have carefully created different collections that adapt to any autumn situation, guaranteeing the warmth and comfort of the little ones. 


For example, the Watercolor collection (from 0 to 36 months) brings soft colors inspired by the transparencies of this technique. Earth and pale tones, with prints consistent with this time of year and soft natural motifs.


The Caolín collection (from 0 to 36 months), for its part, is based on earth tones and adorable animal motifs. Texture, checks and warmth for the autumn months. Fun and elegant looks. Another collection, Hilar (from 0 to 36 months), brings comfort and texture, with soft colors and fabrics, inspired by sheep wool and cotton flowers.


Oil (from 0 to 4 years), is based on one of the most refined and elegant techniques: gray, pink and blue tones are combined with high-quality checks and fabrics that guarantee a most elegant autumn. The Craft collection (from 1 month to 6 years) has a more casual style with prints with natural motifs, drawings, paintings and geometric shapes in which soft browns and green and blue tones are combined. 


Tinta's looks (from 1 month to 12 years) are designed to awaken your inner artist with fun prints with artist materials, reds and blues. Trazos garments (ages 3 months to 6 years) consist of warm fabrics and creative patterns for a fun fall.


Matiz (from 3 months to 12 years) is made up of looks with squares and rhombuses in soft pink and blue tones and warm garments for the cold months of the year. Gouache (from 24 months to 12 years), on the other hand, presents the color blue as a base for the game with floral prints and checks, a fun autumn style with a lot of vitality.


The Tempera collection (from 24 months to 12 years) includes looks in which the vitality of tempera is incorporated into the garments that make up these fun looks, in which red, prints and stripes predominate. In Graphite (from 24 months to 12 years) blue, maroon and beige colors alternate with prints and textures in quality fabrics to guarantee comfort and warmth.


The garments from the Mosaico collection (from 24 months to 12 years) are based on the classic Scottish tartan check print in fun and classic outfits that we have so associated with these months of the year. Finally, the Ikebana collection (from 3 months to 12 years ) includes elegant and classic looks, comfortable and warm, in mauve and green tones.