Take care of each garment as the treasure it is.

And you? How do you take care of your clothes? Surely it is one of the questions that you often ask yourself.
Here we leave you the definitive guide to wash and not fail in the attempt.

Here are some tips to care for and extend the life of your clothes and take better care of our planet.

1. Start washing less and airing clothes that are not dirty more. Wash clothes at lower temperatures, so you will increase their useful life.

2. Dry clothes in the open air. Drying machines damage clothes more. Iron only when necessary.

3. Whenever possible, choose detergents that are ecological or that contain less chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

4. Localized stains can be removed with baking soda or stain-removing soap. Try it before washing!

5. When the clothes no longer serve you, choose to donate or recycle them.

6. Run complete washing machines to save water and energy.

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