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Prepare your little one for this summer with the coolest outfits! Combine comfort and style with Tutto Piccolo looks.

Combinations of swimwear for girls that you will love

Summer is here and it's time to enjoy the sun, the beach and the pool!
We present you some combinations of swimwear for girls that you will surely love.

# 1 Watermelon swimsuit

Get ready for a refreshing and fun summer with the adorable watermelon swimsuit! This themed set with juicy watermelon prints is perfect for girls to enjoy the sun and fun under their summer charm.

  1. Swimsuit and Bikini: We start with a one-piece swimsuit in a vibrant watermelon design that will keep girls comfortable while splashing in the pool or playing on the beach. For a more versatile look, the matching bikini is an excellent option that will allow you to feel fresher during the hottest hours.
  2. Dress: After a fun-filled day in the water, the watermelon print dress is the perfect outfit to take girls from the beach or pool to a casual dinner with family or friends. It is light, comfortable and full of summer charm.
  3. T-shirt with shorts: When the sun shines brightly, this combination of a watermelon print t-shirt and shorts will be the ideal choice for outdoor activities, walks along the boardwalk or playing in the sand. Girls will be fresh and fashionable at all times!

Add your favorite accessories

Count on your watermelon-themed beach basket , it is not only practical to carry your beach toys and snacks, but it also perfectly complements the set , adding a touch of fun and functionality.

If you need to carry more things for a day of adventures, the watermelon print beach backpack is a great option .

Add some flair to her look with a watermelon headband . Not only will it keep their hair out of their faces while playing, but it will also allow them to look adorable and fashionable.

Of course, we can't forget a watermelon print towel to dry off after a swim or to relax on the beach in the warm sun.

#2 Swimsuit with a hippo print.

This summer the hippo swimsuit will captivate you and your little one, with its sweet and fresh touches.

  1. Pink Swimsuit: The pink swimsuit with a cute hippo design is perfect for girls to have fun in the pool or on the beach. The soft color and playful details will ensure they look adorable as they splash around in the water.
  2. Pink Dress: After a day full of aquatic adventures, the pink hippo-print dress is a great option to keep things stylish while gearing up for other summer activities. It is light, comfortable and full of charm.
  3. Green T-shirt: This green t-shirt adds a refreshing touch and goes perfectly with the hippo theme. Paired with shorts, it will allow girls to enjoy active play in the sun.

Give it a touch with accessories

Featuring the hippo design in shades of blue and pink, this backpack will be your ideal companion to carry all your belongings while exploring new places or venturing to the beach.

A soft and cozy blue towel will be a must after a swim in the pool or the sea.

#3 Starfish Set

Get ready for a magical summer with the Little Starfish Set. With adorable starfish prints, this set will bring the beauty of the ocean to little girls, letting them enjoy the sun and fun with a maritime touch.

  1. Swimsuit and bikini: We start with a matching swimsuit and bikini, both with starfish prints. Girls will be able to choose between the one-piece swimsuit for a more classic style or the bikini to feel cool and comfortable while enjoying the summer days by the water.
  2. Dress: After a day full of aquatic adventures, the starfish print dress is perfect for taking girls from the beach to a walk on the boardwalk or an afternoon at the ice cream parlor. Their lightweight, summery design will keep them looking cute and comfortable all day long.
  3. Top: Paired with shorts or a skirt, this starfish print top will be a lovely choice for an afternoon of sand play or a casual family dinner.

Add color with accessories

A starfish themed beach basket will be your perfect companion to carry your toys and snacks while you explore the shoreline and enjoy the wonderful beach atmosphere.

Also, a soft and absorbent towel with a starfish print will be essential to keep the girls comfortable and dry after a dip in the sea or pool.

# 4 Sailor style set in Blue and Red

Get ready for a nautical adventure this summer with the charming Sailor Style Set in shades of blue and red. Inspired by the classic sailor style, this outfit will make girls feel like real sailors while they enjoy the sun and the sea.

  1. Red dress: The red dress is the center of this outfit. With sailor details such as stripes or anchors, this dress will give them an elegant and casual air. Ideal for a walk around the port or for a special occasion on the beach.
  2. Swimsuit and bikini: It's time to dive into the water fun! The matching swimsuit and bikini in shades of blue and red complete this sailor outfit. Whether splashing in the pool or playing on the beach, girls will be ready to hit the water in style.


Complete the outfit with marine-style accessories

Complete the sailor look with a nautical print scarf . They can be worn around the neck, as a hair accessory or even tied at the waist for an added sailor touch.

After a refreshing swim in the sea, the towel will be your best ally to dry off and relax on the beach . With details in blue and red, the towel perfectly complements the sailor outfit. A spacious and stylish beach basket is ideal for carrying all your belongings while adventuring on the beach.

# 5 Floral Set in Pink

Get ready for an explosion of flowers and joy with the Floral Set in pink tones! This floral set is perfect to give girls a sweet and charming touch while they enjoy the sun and nature.

  1. Jumpsuit: The pink floral print jumpsuit is a comfortable and fashionable option for summer adventures. Ideal for outdoor activities or playing in the park with friends.
  2. Swimsuit and Bikini Set: It's time to dive into some water fun with the matching swimsuit and bikini set in shades of pink and adorable floral prints. Girls will be ready to enjoy the water while looking lovely.
  3. Dress: After a day full of laughter and games in the sun, the floral print dress will be your perfect choice to look elegant during the evening or for a special occasion.

Do not forget to accompany the set with accessories

A beach basket with floral details will be your perfect companion to carry your toys and snacks while exploring nature or playing in the sand.