How to dress a newborn baby?

vestir a un niño de meses

The arrival of a baby into the family is a moment full of excitement and special moments, but also doubts, especially if it is the first son or daughter. 

One of the most common questions in this regard is how to dress a newborn baby, for its delicacy and sensitivity. 

The choice of the newborn baby clothes It is not something trivial, but must meet some requirements to ensure their well-being and comfort in the first days and weeks of life. 

In Tutto PiccoloAs experts in children's clothing, we explain the main issues you should take into account when choosing the best baby clothes:

The priority is comfort

The baby's comfort is the most important thing, especially when you consider how to dress a newborn baby. Ensuring your well-being involves choosing soft and breathable garments made of quality materials. In this sense, cotton is especially suitable. 

The seams must be strategically placed so as not to cause chafing or discomfort, taking into account that a baby spends most of his time lying down, so it is essential that the pattern is carefully thought out for this age.
vestir a un bebe recien nacido

Choose the right size

A newborn baby will grow faster than you can imagine, so clothing items will be fine for a short period of time. Keep sizing in mind when shopping and have clothes prepared that will fit him as he grows.

Monitor the fit of clothing when you dress it and prevents them from being too big or too small. Both large clothes, which will generate wrinkles and folds, and a size that is too small, which will be tight, will be uncomfortable and cause discomfort to the baby.

Ease of dressing and undressing

The fit of the garments and their closures is also key, since it is essential that the garments are easy to put on and take off, and they must guarantee comfort when changing diapers, something that will make life easier for both adults and the baby. . 

In this line, garments with hooks, buttons and elastics are ideal. The frogs, rompers, sets and bodysuits They are the most used garments to dress newborn babies. 

The amount of shelter needed

It is essential to ensure the well-being of a baby to help them regulate their body temperature, so dressing them in clothing in different layers is the most recommended. 

Depending on the season in which you are born and the climate, apply more or fewer layers of soft and light fabrics that guarantee warmth in cold times, or look for breathable fabrics so that you do not get hot.

Along the same lines, baby hats are very useful to ensure that baby is comfortable when temperatures are cool, as newborns lose heat quickly through their heads. Likewise, socks appropriate to the temperature are essential for your well-being.


Care when washing baby clothes

The skin of a newborn baby is very sensitive, so this must also be taken into account when doing laundry. Wash baby clothes with mild detergents and avoid strong odors in the soap and avoid the use of softeners, as they can cause irritation. 

Otherwise, follow the manufacturer's washing instructions to ensure that the garments maintain their softness wear after wear. 

The perfect style to dress a baby

When it comes to the style of clothing for a newborn baby, it is essential to keep in mind that intense colors can be overwhelming, so the ideal is to look for clothes in soft tones for the first months of life

Pastel colors promote your well-being by conveying calm and tranquility, so they are perfect at this stage. Choose quality garments with adorable details to enjoy unique moments that will remain forever in the memory of the whole family.

With these tips, you surely now know how to dress a newborn baby and you will be able to choose the ideal clothes to guarantee maximum comfort and well-being in their first days of life. And, most importantly, enjoy this incredible experience!