How to choose your girl's perfect look for Christmas engagements

During Christmas celebrations we always pay more attention to the looks of the whole family. Important dates such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve or Three Kings are usually moments in which we take many photographs that remain in our memory, especially at family gatherings or special events such as the visit of Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men.

For all this, choosing Christmas outfits is usually important for the whole family, but especially for the little ones in the house. Girls' clothes on these dates should be warm and adorable, and at Tutto Piccolo we have the clothes that will help you find the ideal outfit. Here we leave you some tips so that your little girl dazzles everyone with the most adorable looks for Christmas engagements, which will remain in the memory for a lifetime.

Comfort first and foremost

Although elegance is key, we must not overlook the comfort of our girls. Opt for soft, comfortable fabrics that allow for easy movement and active play. Comfort is essential for little ones to fully enjoy the holidays, whether at a family gathering, a special dinner, or participating in Christmas activities. To achieve this, choose brands that specialize in children's fashion, since patterns and fabrics designed for the little ones can make a difference in this regard.

Classic and festive colors


Christmas is often associated with classic colors such as red, green, white and gold. These traditional shades are not only full of Christmas spirit, but also add a festive touch to any outfit. You can also use classic and elegant colors, such as blues, or choose patterns and prints according to the dates, such as stripes or checks. Choose clothes like ceremony girl dresses for the most important occasions, and skirt and blouse or blouse and pants sets in these shades to achieve a classic and charming look.

Adorable prints to stand out at Christmas


Choose clothes that have adorable motifs or prints that fit these dates. Patterns such as checks or stripes, or motifs such as hearts are very suitable for this season and enhance the Christmas spirit. Choose dresses or T-shirts in this style to underline the festive style and make your little one feel like princesses in the celebration season.

Charming details for extra elegance


The details can make the difference on these dates. Clothes in quality fabrics with charming details such as bows, ruffles, lace or appliqués can add a special touch to your little girl's outfit and enhance her beauty, as well as contribute to the Christmas theme of the outfit. A girl's ceremony dress that includes bows or ruffles will enhance her adorableness and provide a lot of elegance according to her age.


Combine all the elements of the look


In addition to a dress or outfit for a girl, take into account the rest of the clothes in the Christmas look. Cloth or fur coats are ideal for the most important dates, because of their warmth and because they provide an adorable texture and style.


Don't forget the accessories. An elegant bow, detailed tights, festive shoes and a charming headband can perfectly complement your little girl's look. Accessories are a great way to add a personal touch and complete the outfit with style.

Combined family look


Coordinated planning of the entire family's outfits can be a lovely option. This does not mean that everyone should dress exactly the same, but rather it invites you to coordinate colors or themes to achieve visual harmony in family photos, a special detail to keep in memory. 


The right level of formality for each event


Take into account the type of celebration to choose ceremony dresses for girls or less formal outfits. If it's an elegant dinner, choose the most sophisticated pieces in your closet and combine them for an impeccable style. For more relaxed activities, highlight comfort or combine elegant clothes with more casual ones.


Christmas is a special time, and planning the look of the little ones in the family for the occasion adds even more magic to the season. With our clothes and the advice we have given you, from balancing elegance with comfort, to planning the looks of the whole family in a coordinated way, you will be able to shine at any Christmas celebration. Have fun choosing the most charming Christmas outfits for the whole family and have an unforgettable holiday!