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Do you want your little ones to dress thematically the same? It is normal! Therefore, we present you the children's casual combinations that are in trend.

Trends in children's clothing: Casual clothing combinations for your two little ones

Dressing children in style and comfort is a task that parents greatly enjoy. Combinations in children's clothing offer a creative way to present your little ones with a charming and fashionable look.

These are the trends in children's clothing that will allow you to create casual and adorable outfits for your two little ones. From red outfits full of love to casual combinations in pastel blue and harmonious shades of green and pink.

Love bubbles: The most reddish looks

The collection of love bubbles stands out for the use of the color red. This is a vibrant color that always attracts attention and transmits energy . Here are some lovely red combinations that will make your little ones stand out.


Red polo and shorts

A red polo shirt along with shorts of the same color creates a fresh and versatile outfit . This outfit is ideal for casual outings or outdoor activities . Adding white sneakers will complete the look with a casual touch.

Red t-shirt with striped skirt in warm colors

A red t-shirt paired with a striped skirt in warm colors is a fun option . This set is perfect for a walk in the park or a meeting with friends . You can add a headband to the set for a charming finishing touch.

Big fish: Just like the blue sea

The big fish collection is inspired by the depths of the sea and uses pastel blue tones for their soft and relaxing characteristics , ideal for an adorable and calm look for your little ones.

Casual combinations: Striped Bermuda shorts and pastel blue t-shirt

A striped shorts in pastel blue tones along with a white t-shirt dotted with spots in the same tone creates a fresh and casual outfit . This combination is perfect for game days and recreational activities. You can add a cap or hat in coordinating shades for an extra touch.

Navy print dress

A dress with navy prints in pastel blue tones is perfect for informal events and family outings. Pair this dress with comfortable sandals for a simple but charming look . Adding a light jacket if the weather is cooler will complete the outfit.

My house: Green and pink are the thing, casual combinations

The Mi Casa collection collection works with green and pink tones to create a sweet and harmonious look for your little ones .


Green striped romper and fisherman hat, casual combinations

A striped romper in shades of green along with a matching fisherman hat creates a casual, playful combination full of personality . This outfit is ideal for outdoor adventures and play days in the park.

T-shirt and pink bloomers with houses

A pink t-shirt with a little house print accompanied by pink baggy pants is a charming and even magical option . This set is perfect for special occasions and casual outings . Adding shoes in neutral tones will complete the look with an elegant touch.

Combinations in children's clothing offer endless possibilities to dress your little ones with style and charm. Whether in shades of red, pastel blue or a harmonious mix of green and pink, you can create casual and adorable outfits that reflect your children's unique personality.

Dare to experiment and mix colors to achieve outfits full of love and fun!