5 gift ideas for a newborn

Welcoming a newborn is always a moment full of happiness, both for your family and your friends. At this special moment, there is always the desire to have a detail that welcomes the world, and many people look for appropriate baby gifts that stand out, so that they become something special in the first memories of a life.

At Tutto Piccolo we specialize in baby fashion and we know how important it is to pamper the family and find the perfect gifts for the newborn. That's why our newborn collection ( https://www.tuttopiccolo.com/collections/recien-nacido )It has a special charm with a timeless style, and is made with the best quality fabrics, to care for the baby from the moment its life begins. 

By choosing to give baby clothing, you are not only providing a useful gift, but you are also adding a touch of style and conveying the care you will give them by carefully choosing clothing suitable for their skin.


1. Rompers for newborns, the most used garment 

Among the most useful items of clothing for parents and babies are rompers. It is a single piece of clothing that covers arms and legs – and can also cover the feet, depending on the season for which they are intended –, which generally has an opening to comfortably change diapers. Our rompers are ideal for giving as gifts because they are a comfortable piece that will surely be used regularly. In addition, it is made of fabrics specially designed to guarantee the well-being and comfort of the baby, and you will find them in a wide variety of designs with adorable prints and soft colors.  


2. Baby outfits, practical and adorable

Give a baby outfit if you want to get it right. The sets have the advantage that they include a complete look, so they do not pose complications when it comes to combining with other clothes. Our newborn sets are ideal for their sweet and creative designs, and our patterns and fabrics are proof of our background as an expert brand in children's clothing, so comfort is guaranteed. You can choose sets for baby girls or boys, as well as others that are more versatile if you don't know the sex of the baby yet and want to have the gift ready before the baby is born.


3. Dresses and shirts for a more special look 

 If your goal is to give a gift that makes a difference on a specific date, you can opt for one of our more formal products. In our newborn clothing catalog you will find adorable dresses and shirts that the person receiving the gift will fall in love with. These garments will be part of the memories of a lifetime, since they will surely be used at a special event and all eyes will be on the most stylish baby. From soft colors in delicate and elegant garments to more fun and daring prints, in our collection you will find the perfect garments to give baby clothes designed for special occasions.


3. Newborn accessories

Among the clothes that a baby needs are different accessories that can become a perfect gift. Explore our offer of baby hats and mittens, headbands, bibs and blankets and you will surely find that charming detail you are looking for to show your joy to the family.


4. Baby colony

One of the senses that are awakened when thinking about a newborn is smell: the baby's aroma evokes tranquility and peace. Giving the gift of Tutto Piccolo cologne, the usual fresh and sweet fragrance, is always a success that will last in the olfactory memory of the entire family, and will mark the best memories in a special and different way.


Tips for choosing a gift for a newborn

Choosing a special gift for a newborn can be overwhelming. How do you know which is the right size? What style or design is most appropriate? These questions are common and understanding them can help you make more informed decisions.


Choosing the right size is essential when giving clothes to a newborn. Tutto Piccolo clothing has a comfortable fit and the sizing is the result of extensive experience, but it is crucial to keep in mind that babies grow quickly. If you think the family will receive a lot of clothes as a gift, you can choose a gift that is one size larger for future use. Calculate the appropriate size taking into account the season in which it will be born and the growth of the baby to choose the right warmth or lightness of the clothes you choose.