From 3 months to 12 years
A casual collection that we fall in love with.
Comfortable and ergonomic, it will lead you to imagine long trips full of adventures.
With cheerful plush, fun dungarees and contrasting bumpers.
Ideal for everyone from baby to big brother
Playing on the curved board helps the child develop his balance and control his movements.

But it is also an exercise in imagination and free play. For the child's eyes, the board can be a seesaw, a slide, a games table, a stool, a surfboard, a road and a ramp for cars...
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Dungarees in blunt stitch with "cars" print, buttoned straps and crotch opening with press studs in small sizes. Matching socks.
The history of the breastplate , a garment that carries with it a very curious story that few people know about. The breastplate was devised in the 19th century by miners. They constantly complained about the ease with which their pants ripped, how little they lasted and the economic cost that this entailed.

Levi Strauss, a German businessman living in San Francisco, detected this problem and came up with the idea of ​​using canvas fabric as a material to make overalls and thus promote it among miners. It was very well received because it was a new, loose-fitting, practical and difficult to break garment; this is how they began to call them “Levi's pants”. Subsequently, and after Levi's death in 1912, Levi's dungarees were adapted to the children's version, entering the textile sector, as an ideal piece of clothing for playing in the park, at school, and coating themselves in the mud as if they were small miners... At present they have become one more basic garment, especially for the little ones. It is a simple chest of drawers, easy to combine and very important: it does not go out of style!
We like children! We love watching them play, let's take the opportunity to share with them and watch them grow.