From 3 months to 12 years.

The lines and shapes of the Omega Collection embrace our children, enveloping them with elegance and softness at the same time. The fabrics are comfortable and delicate, giving that warm touch to each garment. The turquoise tones with the accent of the intense orange touch, make this collection a unique proposal that encompasses a multitude of experiences and emotions.

The forest and the bunny as the protagonist create a cozy environment for our babies. You will be able to find very elaborate and warm tricot garments for winter, with many details that you will discover as you delve into the collection with us.

Discover our most casual looks and our iconic pieces within this collection with the polo shirt for the boy and the polo dress for the girl in granite point, a very comfortable and pleasant fabric that ensures greater comfort.

Visit our stores and discover all the details that we have left in each garment in this collection, embroideries, pompoms, contrasting linings and endless details that make the difference and define us as a brand.

We will wait for you!