Keys to choosing the perfect romper for your baby

Not everything goes, if you want to choose the perfect newborn baby romper, look at these tips.

How to choose the perfect romper for your newborn babies

Rompers cannot be missing from any baby's wardrobe . We all know that newborn baby rompers are an essential garment .

However, not just any newborn baby romper will do . So if you're looking for the perfect onesie for your little one, here are some key tips to ensure you make the right choice.

#1 Size and Fit for Newborn Baby Romper

It is essential to choose a baby romper that fits perfectly to the size of the little newborn . Even if they are the same age or months, each baby is different in both personality and size. Avoid making it too tight or too loose , as this can cause discomfort for your little one.

It's very similar to what happens when you buy pants that are too tight or too big for you: You're not comfortable, it's tight, it falls down... Look for a romper with snap closures in the front or zippers to make changing diapers easier.

#2 Romper for newborn baby: Choose the best material

It is time to leave behind those materials that not only harm ourselves, but also the ecosystem where we live. Opt for soft, breathable materials, such as organic cotton, that are gentle on your baby's sensitive skin and prevent irritation.

If you live in a colder climate, choose fleece- or wool-lined rompers to keep your baby warm. Luckily, there are many materials that, in addition to being toxic-free, shelter and protect those you love most.

#3 Don't give up on design

Just because the newborn baby romper is made with organic material and is also comfortable, does not mean that it does not have to have an attractive design. Additionally, it is helpful to consider designs without tags or seams that could rub against baby's skin. Some uncomfortable labels can cause irritation.

Rompers with built-in feet can be handy for keeping baby's feet warm and preventing them from coming uncovered. Above all, knowing that these little ones love to move, uncover themselves and start discovering the world.

#4 Seek security

Make sure there are no small or detachable parts that could pose a choking risk to your baby. Check that the buttons or closures are well sewn and do not pose a risk of coming off.

Remember that these little ones love to explore and although they are newborns, they have a latent sucking reflex . That means they suck whatever is within reach of their mouth.

#5 Wash and Care

Check the washing instructions for your newborn baby romper, and make sure you can keep it clean and in good condition without any hassle. It is important that every time you go to wash it, check the label carefully.

If it is cotton, for example, it may shrink if you put it in hot water. And that can be a big problem since your baby will feel uncomfortable. In any case, the ideal is that you wash the baby's clothes by hand and with a detergent suitable for sensitive skin.

Never use the same detergent that you use for your adult clothes. This type of detergent can, in addition to containing irritating toxins, be harmful to such delicate clothing.

#6 Buy quality in your newborn baby romper

At Tutto Piccolo we are known for offering quality garments. Quality accompanied by fabrics that are respectful of the skin of the little ones.

Because we know very well that, to explore the world, it is necessary to wear clothes that accompany you on that adventure. When choosing a romper for your newborn baby, comfort and safety should be your top priorities. A well-selected onesie will not only keep your baby happy but will also make your daily care tasks easier.

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